ANTHUSIA is a multi-disciplinary research project in the Anthropology of Human Security in Africa conducted by a consortium of four universities in Aarhus (Denmark), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Leuven (Belgium) and Oslo (Norway).

It has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 764546 and will train 16 Early Stage Researchers.


2019.12.06 | Knowledge exchange

"If we don’t use pesticides we lose the crop".

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Miriam Waltz.

2019.11.08 | Knowledge exchange

"We are scared of the very biodiversity that we are apparently the stewards of".

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Lindokuhle Khumalo.

2019.11.07 | Knowledge exchange

"A ka-young one". A film by ESR Rune Larsen and Ndemufayo Kaxuxwena.

This film displays views on the country's past, present and future through the perspective of seven different young Namibian artists and activists.

ANTHUSIA ESR's and how their research projects relate to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Network Coordinator

­Lotte Meinert
e-mail: lotte.meinert@cas.au.dk

Administrative Coordinators­

Mia Korsbæk
e-mail: korsbaek@cas.au.dk

Liselotte Kahns

e-mail: kahns@cas.au.dk

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