PhD projects

1. Epidemics and Health Security: Threats and Opportunities in One Health. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO). PhD researcher: Miriam Waltz.

2. Borderlands and Livelihood Security: Social and Economic Dynamics in the Great Lakes Region or Horn of Africa. Location: AU. Supervisors: Christian B. N. Gade (AU) and Steven van Wolputte (KUL). PhD researcher: Yayi Zheng

3. Mental health Security: The new mad in Burkina Faso’s urban context. Location: KUL. Supervisors: Ann Cassiman (KUL) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO). PhD researcher: Annigje van Dijk.

4. Youth employability and socioeconomic urban security: expanding the inclusion of South African urban youth through the use of a multidimensional youth employability index (MYEI). Location: KUL. Supervisors: Filip De Boeck (KUL) and Christian B. N. Gade. PhD researcher: Evelien Storme.

 5. Youth and Political Security: Social Unrest and (in)action in Urban Namibia. Location: KUL. Supervisors: Steven van Wolputte (KUL) and Michael Eilenberg (AU). PhD researcher: Rune Larsen.

6. Refugee Livelihood Security and Future Perspectives. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO). PhD researcher: Nicholas Wainman.  

7. Land and Environmental Security: Consequences of large scale investments in Southern Africa. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Knut G. Nustad (UiO) and Michael Eilenberg (AU). PhD researcher: Lindokuhle Khumalo.

8. Local Energy Challenges and Global Sustainability: Electricity and Human Development in Uganda. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Thomas Hylland Eriksen (UiO) and Andrew Bowman (UoE). PhD researcher: Kirsten Nielsen.  

9. Infrastructures of Human Security: Post-Conflict Re-Building of Societies and Futures. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Wenzel Geissler (UiO) and Filip De Boeck (KUL). PhD researcher: Charline Kopf.

10. Urban Segregations and Political Security: New Divisions in Cities in Southern Africa. Location: AU. Supervisors: Heather Swanson (AU) , Morten Nielsen (AU) and Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (UoE). PhD researcher: Carla Cortêz.

11. Toxic Exposure. Production, Pollution and Human Security. Location: UiO. Supervisors: Wenzel Geissler (UiO) and Jose-Maria Munoz (UoE). PhD researcher: Konstantin Biehl.  

12. Governance and Human Security: The State and Everyday Practices of Governing in Malawi. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Gerhard Anders (UoE) and Wenzel Geissler (UiO). PhD researcher: Tanja Hendriks.

13. Humanitarian Interventions and Political Security: The Politics and Practice of Human Security. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (UoE) and Michael Eilenberg (AU). PhD researcher: Olivia Gieskes.

14. Development Interventions and Political Security: Exploring the development-security nexus. Location: AU. Supervisors: Michael Eilenberg (AU) and Gerhard Anders (UoE). PhD researcher: Cecilie Baann.

15. Informal Sectors and Economic Security: Gendered Urban Everyday Life in African Borderlands. Location: UoE. Supervisors: Paul Nugent (UoE) and Heather Swanson (AU). PhD researcher: Suvi Lensu.

16. A structural analysis of care in Africa: Assessing Access to universal healthcare coverage in two East African countries. Location: AU. Supervisors: Lotte Meinert (AU) and Ruth Prince (UiO). PhD researcher: Edwin Ameso.