Video Relay

As part of the ANTHUSIA dissemination activities all ESRs will do a video interview relay at their place of secondment and involve partners with each other by asking them to pose a question to one of the other partners and ESRs. This will ensure internal communication and knowledge sharing in the project. 



The first interview that kicks off the video relay has been made by ESR Evelien Storme who has interviewed her secondment supervisor Ariane De Lannoy from SALDRU in South Africa.

In the second video relay ESR Carla Cortêz interviews her secondment supervisor João Tique from Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.

In the third video relay ESR Suvi Lensu interviews her secondment supervisor Shamsi Kazimbaya from  Promundo in Rwanda.

In the fourth video relay ESR Rune Larsen interviews his secondment supervisor Willem Odendaal from the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia.

In the fifth video relay ESR Tanja Hendriks interviews her secondment supervisor Edge Kanyongolo from University of Malawi.

In the sixth video relay ESR Cecilie Baann interviews her secondment supervisor Salieu Sankoh from the University of Sierra Leone.