Workshop in Tanzania

2019.01.06 | Mia Korsbæk

Date Tue 15 Jan Sun 20 Jan
Time 15:30    15:30
Location Research station in Tanzania

 The workshop will last five days and will be led by Penny Harvey (Manchester), Peter Mangesho (NIMR), Ruth Prince (Oslo), Noemi Tousignant (UCL), Simon Vendelin (Dar), and Paul Wenzel Geissler (Oslo). The topic is, broadly toxicity and protection, including protective infrastructures, so the programme will be partly on toxic matters in social anthropology, and partly on infrastructure (ideally relating to questions of toxicology and and environmental pollution.    

    The workshop will be informal and not give any credits. It will be held in a research station of the Tanzania National medical research Institute, about 2 hour's drive from Tanga, north-east in Tanzania.


    The workshop has three aims:

    .                 to discuss the mid-field students' work so far and plans for the second half of fieldwork

    .                 to discuss the pre-field student plans for fieldwork in very concrete terms

    .                 to engage in fruitful conversations on African science and technology, and in particular questions of toxicology and protective infrastructure

    .                 to try out and discuss ethnographic writing.