Miriam Waltz

Cancer epidemics and toxic exposure in Kenya: questions of environmental pollution, risk and causation

Originally from the Netherlands, Miriam Waltz obtained her MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Cape Town, focusing on medical anthropology and science and technology studies. Her MA thesis followed the trajectory of donated breast milk from mostly middle-class donors to babies in a public hospital in Cape Town as it crossed geographical and social boundaries.

As part of ANTHUSIA Miriam will explore toxic exposure and cancer epidemics in Kenya. The project engages questions of environmental pollution, risk and causation by looking at the practices emerging around the management and effects of a cancer epidemic that severely affects the Kenyan population. Putting cancer causation at the centre of this interrogation brings together family experiences, colonialism, the current global, and political economy and aims to place cancer in East Africa in a broader understanding in relation to global political, economic and historical processes.