ESR Project 10

Urban Segregations and Political Security: New Divisions in Cities in Southern Africa

Supervisors Heather Swanson (Aarhus University) and Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock (University of Edinburgh) and Morten Nielsen (Aarhus University)

This project explores the city as a space of contestation over the terms of inclusion, exclusion, security and insecurity. In Southern Africa, the outcome of this contestation is evident in patterns of segregation that run through the city's streets and intimately shape people's relationships to each other and to the state. Taking Maputo, Mozambique as the empirical setting, this PhD study will use an ethnographic case study to explore the emergence, contestation and consequences of urban segregation. Attention will be paid to both formal and informal, architectural and amorphous, securitized and social forms of segregation. The researcher will compare the trajectory of segregation in the cityscape of Maputo with other cities in Southern Africa to explore how and why this segregation has emerged, and its implications for the human security of the city's diverse population. 

Planned secondment(s): Three months integrated with fieldwork, receiving academic support and fieldwork guidance at the Eduardo Mondlane University, Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning, Mozambique.