Quote from the field

All ESR's are on fieldwork in various parts of Africa in 2019. As part of the dissemination they will be sending a photo and a quote from the field while they are away.   

Figure 1 Entrance of the psychiatry ward of Ouagadougou's main hospital.

2019.05.24 | Knowledge exchange

« Moi-même je ne connais pas mon histoire »

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Annigje van Dijk

The Chikwawa district officer for Disaster Management Affairs looks into a tent for displaced men during a nightly camp inspection in an internal displacement camp in Malawi.

2019.05.24 | Knowledge exchange

"In humanitarian work we prioritise the lives of those who are suffering on the ground, our own needs come at the end".

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Tanja Hendriks.

Moulds on maize that are visible on the fields in Meru

2019.05.15 | Knowledge exchange

"Maize is a nightmare!"

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Konstantin Biehl

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