2019.12.20 | Publication

The imagined Africa of the West: a critical perspective on Western imaginations of Africa

Article by Rune Larsen and Stig Jensen.

2019.12.20 | Publication

Supporting NEET youth: Experiences from the European Union

SALDRU policy brief by Evelien Storme and Ariane de Lannoy

2019.12.20 | Publication

Developing a Multidimensional Youth Employability Index to unpack vulnerabilities in the lived realities of youth in Post-apartheid South Africa

Working Paper publication by Evelien Storme, Ariane De Lannoy, Murray Leibbrandt, Filip De Boeck and Gibson Mudiriza.

2019.12.16 | Knowledge exchange

“Our parents used to advise us that anything we do, even if we go somewhere, we must copy our culture.”

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Nicholas Rowland Wainman.

2019.12.11 | Knowledge exchange

"Can you help me find Chinese medicines and ask Dr. Zhao to come back to Rwanda to treat me"?

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Olivia Fifi Gieskes

2019.12.09 | Knowledge exchange

“All the State can do is to produce documents, conflicts and obstruct constructions.”

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Carla Cortês

2019.12.06 | Knowledge exchange

"If we don’t use pesticides we lose the crop".

Quote and photo from the field. By ESR Miriam Waltz.