The Consortium

Aarhus University, Denmark (AU):
The Department for Anthropology at AU provides an inspiring research and teaching environment for the ESRs. The Anthropology program offers MAs in Anthropology, Human Security, and Medical Anthropology, and a PhD degree in Anthropology. As part of these degree programs, AU offers a variety of courses and department seminars that will be open to the ANTHUSIA ESRs. Three senior researchers from AU will provide supervision of ESRs in their expert areas of anthropology and human security.

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UoE): At the University of Edinburgh, the Centre of African Studies is a leading hub for research and teaching offering PhD degrees in African Studies and Development Studies. As part of the degree programs, UoE offers a wide range of courses and dedicated training that will be open for ANTHUSIA ESRs. The teaching at the Centre of African Studies has a strong focus on security, humanitarian and development interventions as well as the postcolonial state and legal systems. 

University of Leuven, Belgium (KUL):
At KUL, the Institute for Anthropological Research on Africa is committed to anthropological research in and on Africa. The Institute offers a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, an advanced Master’s degree in Cultures and Development Studies, and a PhD degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. The staff is committed to actor-oriented, long-term participatory and sited research (fieldwork), qualitative research methods and techniques such as contemporary historiography, visual anthropology and ‘nethnography.'

University of Oslo, Norway (UiO):
The Department of Social Anthropology at the UiO offers undergraduate and MSc training, and PhD programs in social anthropology, as well as well-established summer schools, which the ESRs will benefit from. SAI will contribute with its foci on Africa, on the anthropology of development and environment, and medical anthropology. Classic ethnographic fieldwork and the engagement with current anthropological theory are central to the department’s values. Among current key projects at SAI is the ERC advanced grant ‘Overheating,' which includes human security issues across five continents.